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Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations

“The Race Experience: In Your Face, What is Race?”

10:00am - 4:00pm EST November 15, 2013

Sakowich Campus Center, Warrior’s Den

Monday, November 11 - Friday, November 15

Come experience this interactive diversity and inclusion kiosk! Thanks to advances in genetics, history and anthropology, we now know: not one characteristic, trait or gene distinguishes all the members of one so-called race from all non-members.

Our popular notions of race are cultural. 

As part of Holocaust Remembrance Week, students are invited to experience an exhibit that allows participants to view themselves as a variety of races and share photos with friends to encourage discussions about race and the misunderstandings people have about it.

The Race Experience will be located in the Warriors Den on the 1st floor of the Sakowich Campus Center between the hours of 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. The kiosk uses face detection software and a unique algorithm to transform the user’s skin and facial features into that of a different race: Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Indian.

Join us for facilitated lunchtime discussions at noon on 11/14 and 11/15 in Augie’s Pub.

Presented by Merrimack Student Involvement and ALANA

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