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School of Education & Social Policy

AAC Language & Conversations: Make It Fun And Interactive!

9:00am - 3:00pm EDT April 26, 2014

Sakowich Campus Center, Murray Lounge

Attention students!  This event satisfies one of the standards for Moderate Disabilities (Augmentative and Alternative Communication).

Presented by Dr. Caroline Musselwhite.

How often do you observe AAC users who perform beautifully in therapy, only to sit passively in classrooms and social situations? This quick-paced, interactive session will support students in using core vocabulary for authentic purposes, with peers, and using repetition with variation. Strategies include: RPM-GO (rehearse, practice, model – GO), combining core vocabulary and literacy, and scaffolding communication with engaging apps. Social Scripts ensure that augmented communicators - even those with limited access skills - can achieve interactions that are frequent, motivating, self-initiated, varied, ongoing, with multiple turns, and with a range of partners, including peers. Strategies will be provided for creating, programming, and teaching the use of social scripts to support accessing skills as well as conversation. Participants will engage in multiple ‘try-it’ activities to help learning generalize, just as we hope to make core vocabulary generalize for people who use AAC! Participants will receive a CD with sample activities and forms.

This is event is free for students who pre-register by April 1!

Download the registration form.

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