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Dr. Susan Marine

March 30, 2015
Exploration of Feminist Social Change in Higher Education

An Assistant Professor and Program Director in Merrimack’s School of Education, Dr. Susan Marine has taught a number of courses including Higher Education in American Society, University-Community Relations and Research Methods.  She is in the process of developing a course on Gender and Education, which will be cross-listed in the undergraduate and graduate School of Education course schedule.

Dr. Marine’s research focuses on feminist education and identity, BGLT students and student movements, and advancement of equity for transgender people in higher education.  She is interested in how feminist social change shapes higher education policies and practices in an effort to make them more inclusive.  Her research is heavily informed by the fact that she has worked in numerous roles dedicated to gender equity including serving as Director of the Harvard College Women’s Center. Her current research projects include a collaboration with Dr. Ruth Lewis at Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK, exploring feminist politics, values and activism among young women students in NE England and NE America and the efficacy of actions to support feminist identity development.

Dr. Marine is also collaborating with Ana Martinez Aleman at Boston College, investigating how multi-generational feminist faculty strategically deploy feminist strategies to advance gender equity in their departments.  Lastly, Dr. Marine is also working on a project exploring how student affairs professionals engage in what she calls “critical student affairs praxis”. i.e. challenging power structures in order to advance the belonging of marginalized groups.  These professionals are more focused on fostering social change in higher education, rather than focusing on advancing the “image” of institutions, which is not the norm.

In 2011 Dr. Marine received a grant from NASPA for an examination of women center’s gender inclusive practices.  She was also awarded the National Women’s Studies Association Outstanding Achievement Award for her work supporting the advancement of women studies in higher education.

Dr. Marine’s recent publications includes research articles in Journal of Homosexuality, Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice  and books on feminist movement.  

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