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Jane D Parent

Associate Professor



B.S. Business Administration, State Univ. of New York-Albany; M.B.A. University of Southern Maine; Ph.D. Organizational Studies, University of Massachusetts-Amherst


Organizational Behavior; Ethics and Social Responsibility; Sustainable Business Practices

2012 Edward G. Roddy, Jr., Outstanding Teacher of the Year 

2015-16 Faculty Fellow, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Professional Experience

February 2011-present:  Co-investigator for The Transportation Research Board’s (a division of the National Academy of Sciences) project, ACRP 10-11:  Creating a Collaborative Environment between Airport Operations and Maintenance.  


1) Refereed Publications: 

Parent, J. D., Sullivan, C. C., Hardway, C., & Butterfield, D. A. (2012) A Model and Test of Individual and Organizational Factors Influencing Individual Adaptation to Change, Organization Management Journal, 9(2).  

Lovelace, K., & Parent, J.D. (2012).  Guest Editor’s Corner:  The Integrative Nature of Stress, Performance and Wellness,Journal of Management Education, 36(2), 131-134. 

Stowe, K., Parent, J. D., Sendall, P & Schwartz, L.  (2012). Are Business School Students Prepared to Present?  The Pedagogy of Presentation Skills in Business Schools, Journal of the Academy of Business Education, Fall 2012, (13), 105-121.   

Parent, J. D. & Lovelace, K.  (2011). Creating a Learning Organization in the Management Classroom Through Dialogue and Reflective Journaling, The Business Renaissance Quarterly, 6(2), 21-42.

Parent, J. D., Nielson-Dube, K., Stowe, K., Schwartz, K., Sendall, P., & Cain, K.  (2011).  Successful Writing Skill Acquisition in the Business Curriculum, Journal of the Academy of Business Education, Spring 2011, (12), 56-73.


2) Refereed Conference Presentation/Proceedings:

Developing a Global Mindset through the Global Organizational Behavior (OB) Project (with D. Litvin and K. Lovelace).  2013 Eastern Academy of Management Conference Proceedings.  Awarded the 2013 Eastern Academy of Management “Best Theoretical Application Paper Award”, May 2013. 

Global Organizational Behavior (OB) Issues:  A “Tale of Two Countries”. (with K. Lovelace and D. Litvin).  2012 Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference Proceedings, June 2012.  

Creating a Learning Organization in the Management Classroom through Dialogue and Reflective Journaling (with K. Lovelace). 2011 Eastern Academy of Management Conference Proceedings, May 2011.



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