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Noelia Bare

Merrimack College Class of 2008
Double major: Mathematics and English

Noelia Bare graduated from Merrimack College in 2008 with a double major in Mathematics and English. She is currently working as Senior Business Analyst at Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Knowing that upon graduating, she would want a job that would require good analytical and problem solving skills, Noelia decided to major in mathematics. “I wanted to be challenged,” she says. “My decision was influenced by my math teachers and the Inroads Program.”

Noelia feels that tutoring at the Math Center was an experience that helps her in her job today. “Had it not been for tutoring at the Math Center I would not have been able to think through different problems, concentrate on the weaknesses of other people to help make them strengths, learn how to help a variety of different people, and really understanding the problem at hand and what is being asked. The math center helped me realize that being a math major was a great decision and even though not every problem was easy, I got through it.” She also found that skills she gained from working in the Math Center help her stand out in her job. “When I first started at Liberty Mutual as a Business Analyst, I began writing instructions for the excel macros and templates that I created. It came as second nature to me because I was always trying to find the steps to solve a problem. It was great and when I was promoted to another position, my manager was excited to find out I had done all that extra work.”

Noelia notes that her double major helped her to obtain her job. “I was a double major in English and Mathematics so both those majors helped me. The math for the analytical/problem solving skills and the English for the communication/ creative thinking skills. But certainly having the math major made me stand out and be a more qualified candidate.” As a parting comment, Noelia reminisces about her college years. “I miss college! But truly being a mathematics major and helping at the math center made my college life so much better. It gave me a group of people that I could go to for anything and we pretty much stayed together for the four years we were there. It was an amazing experience and I would do it over again in a heartbeat.”