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Civil Engineering

Rebecca Read

A “Powerful” Internship Experience

Rebecca Read, a Civil Engineering major, took on a unique internship after her sophomore year here at Merrimack College. A native to Massachusetts, Rebecca was excited to apply for an internship opportunity at a power plant in Portland, Oregon during the summer of 2012. She explained that after the Civil Engineering faculty helped her find a potential internship position, they supported her by offering their letters of recommendation and she made a trip to the O’Brien Center for Student Success for help with her resume and cover letter. She soon found out that she would be spending the summer interning at NuScale Power in Oregon. 

According to their website, NuScale is currently completing the design of a Small Modular Reactor (SMR) that offers the benefits of nuclear power while eliminating the issues presented by installing a large power plant. Each NuScale Power Module produces more than 45 megawatts with its own designated turbine-generator set. Also, NuScale power plants are scalable—additional modules can be added as customer demand for electricity increases. When asked about her experience at NuScale Power, Rebecca explained that this internship position provided her with the professional experience, knowledge, and skills that will be necessary in order to enter the Engineering field in the future. Rebecca’s drive to succeed in the field of engineering is not new—in the spring of 2010 she was the first woman to win Merrimack’s STEM $60K scholarship for best design, construction, and performance of a trebuchet catapult. Paired with her education from Merrimack College, Rebecca’s experience with and passion for engineering will open up even more exciting opportunities for professional development in the future.