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Graduate Programs

Michael Scuzzarella

While Mike Scuzzarella originally set out to be a history teacher, by his junior year, he came to realize that engineering, specifically mechanical engineering, was his passion. “I decided that I could always go back to teaching if I really wanted, but a mechanical engineering degree is a jack-of-all-trades degree. I can apply it to government and defense work, military contract work, even robotics.” 

Enter Merrimack College’s Master of Science in Engineering. Mike was familiar with Merrimack’s great reputation, and it was at the top of his list for graduate programs. “There are other programs around, but Merrimack sets you up for success.”

To prepare for entry into the program, Mike took several courses during his senior year. “From calculus and differential equations to material science and fluid mechanics, I took the classes Merrimack recommended and I made sure I did well in them, too.”

Once he arrived on campus, Mike hit the ground running, working closely with his fellow students and faculty. This personal attention extended to career development. “The professors were a tremendous help. They helped me understand how my skills could apply in the real world.”

Professor Franco Capaldi had the biggest impact on Mike, both inside and outside of the classroom. “I stopped in his office more times than I could count. He encouraged me to think like an engineer and refine my researching abilities. Now I can sift through information to find exactly what I need and put it to use.”


Systems Engineer, Raytheon


M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, 2013