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Sport Management

Thomas McLaughlin

Major/concentration: Business Administration, Sports Management

Hometown: Billerica, MA

Plans after graduation and long-term career aspirations: Upon graduation, I would like to work in college athletics with the aspirations of becoming an athletic director someday.

Why did you choose your major? I have played sports my entire life so it seemed natural for me to pick a major that is designed to lead to a career in the sporting industry. I have always had great coaches and mentors through my athletic career and it would be rewarding to one day give back and help players develop their skills and grow as a person as well. 

What was your favorite class in the Girard School? Accounting with retired Professor Don Nelson was probably one of my favorite classes. Professor Nelson has a great sense of humor and always kept things interesting. 

Have you found someone in the Girard School to be particularly helpful as you make important decisions about courses or your career? Kim Valente, Assistant Director of Business Programs, has been very helpful to me in making decisions about which courses to take. I changed majors in my junior year from exercise science to sports management and she helped me lay out a scheduled that allowed my to graduate on time. Kim is always timely with response to any question and her willingness to help makes her very approachable. 

What activities outside the classroom have contributed to your overall success? I am a member of the lacrosse team at Merrimack. Playing sports has helped me develop a strong work ethic and a motivation to succeed. I am very competitive and do not like to lose. These attributes I’ve picked up from playing lacrosse have translated into everything I do whether it is in the classroom or at work. 

Tell us something interesting about you. I can do a pretty mean headstand.