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Facts and Information

Know the facts.

Merrimack College takes allegations of sexual misconduct, relationship violence and stalking very seriously. As part of our goal to eliminate this violence from our campus, we encourage all students, staff and faculty to familiarize themselves with information about the scope of the problems and their impact on our community.

  • An estimated 20 to 25 percent of college women in the United States experience attempted or completed rape during their college years.
  • Nearly 33 percent of college students report knowing a friend or peer who was physically assaulted by a dating partner.
  • An estimated 3 percent of college men have reported attempted or completed rape over their lifetime.
  • An estimated 98 percent of assailants are men.
  • In over 90 percent of sexual assaults on college campuses, the perpetrator is known to the survivor.
  • Approximately 11 percent of college women who have been raped report it to the police.