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Student Advising for the Fall 2015 Semester is Underway!

March 31, 2015
Over the past three weeks, faculty and staff advisors at the Girard School of Business met with more than 700 students as part of advising and registration for the fall 2015 semester

Each semester students flock to the fourth floor of the O’Reilly Building to meet with their faculty and staff advisors.  This semi-annual touch point enables students to discuss their career plans, map out their course schedule, review curriculum requirements, and get advice on what to do to best prepare for their desired career path.  Through a comprehensive academic advising process, the Girard School of Business ensures that Girard School students – freshmen to seniors – get the advising they need to graduate on-time and with the right preparation for their chosen career path. 

Freshmen advisor Valerie Brown meets with all freshmen business majors, outlining for them the requirements of the liberal studies core that all Merrimack students must take and the specific courses required of business majors.  She also walks them through the steps necessary to register for classes each semester, preparing them for their next three years. 

Upperclassmen with declared business concentrations meet with their faculty advisors.  Marketing Professor Joe Stasio describes the experience. “I enjoy meeting with the students and engaging in conversation about their experiences on campus, their aspirations upon graduation, and helping them address any issues they may be experiencing,” he says.  

One of Stasio’s advisees, Senior John Leathley ’15, credits the faculty at Merrimack for being truly concerned about students’ education.  “They are very knowledgeable professors who are always available to the students,” he says. 

Finance major Caitlyn Garger agrees, “I know that I can email anyone in the school and get a quick and informative answer back without having to jump through hoops.  I know I can ask my faculty advisor specific questions about the courses and course content because he either teaches the course or has an understanding of the curriculum.”

Garger ’15 required extra advising because she came in with over 50-credits of AP and transfer coursework from her high school years.  She worked closely with Student Services Specialist Kim Valente to map out her time at Merrimack to maximize her experience.  “I had to make the decision whether to graduate a year early or not, and Kim was there helping me every step of the way,” says Garger.     

Choosing a major and selecting the right mix of courses to be prepared for your intended career can be overwhelming.  Some students know exactly what they want to do from the moment they step on campus, declaring a major before they even arrive, while others are undecided and want to explore the business curriculum before making the choice.  Regardless of which type of student they face, the student services and faculty advisors at the Girard School of Business can help guide them in their decision-making.

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  • Student Services Specialist Kim Valente advises Caitlyn Garger '15
    Student Services Specialist Kim Valente advises Caitlyn Garger '15
  • Freshmen Advisor Valerie Brown conducts advising for a group of freshmen students
    Freshmen Advisor Valerie Brown conducts advising for a group of freshmen students

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