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Employer FAQ

Host Externship FAQs

How are externships hosts and students matched?

Students apply to their desired Externship on the Advantage site.  They complete an application listing their top six Externship choices and submit their resume online.  The O’Brien Center then works with the information in the system to match students and hosts based on the information and criteria outlined for each Externship.

How should the Externship be structured?

The structure of the Externship is up to the host site. Students are encouraged to clearly communicate their interests, expectations, and goals for their experience before and during the externship.

What are the hosts rights and responsibilities?

You have the right not to answer any questions or requests you feel are inappropriate or confidential.  Hosts have the responsibility to spend time with the student, or arrange for the student to meet with someone else or work on a project throughout most of the day.  We ask that the students are not spending a majority of their experience idly. The student is responsible for expressing their specific areas of interest to help in your planning and structure of the externship day. The student will have also participated in a mandatory pre-externship orientation, which covers appropriate workplace etiquette and attire and they have been advised to research their employer site prior to the Externship.

What if there is a conflict and I have to cancel?

If you have to cancel your Externship, we ask that you notify your student immediately. Please contact or call us at (978) 837-5480. Ideally, you and the student would be able to reschedule the Externship at a mutually convenient time so they do not miss out on this opportunity.

What happens after the Externship is completed?

After completion, employers are asked to complete a program evaluation of their experience a host and provide feedback on the program. These evaluations are crucial to continued success of the program. If the experience was a positive one for both students and hosts, students may reach out to their host later for potential internships or full time positions.

Who can I contact with questions?

If you have questions please contact or call us at (978) 837-5480.

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