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O’Brien Center for Career Development

Externship Experience

Externship Overview

Externships are experiential learning opportunities offered to give students short-term practical experiences in their field, or a related field of study. This short-term work immersion allows students to observe professionals on the job and gain a hands-on understanding of an industry or career track. Students engage with an employer-partner during interim periods over winter break or during spring break. The length of an externship ranges from one day of job-shadowing, to one week of deeper engagement in the workplace.

While an externship is a short term opportunity, it allows for long-term benefits. Externships are designed to lead to meaningful networking with employers, which in turn, leads to internships, co-ops or employment. Externships are noncredit, and there is no fee for participating.

Student Externship Timeline


  • Applications due


  • Applicants will receive notice if they were matched with an employer and were selected to participate 
  • Participants must attend Externship Orientation
  • Find out Externship placement and dates of participation


  • Participate in the Externship experience - date will vary depending on placement

*Externships can be anywhere between 1 day to 5 days

Requirements for Participation

  • Open to all students, but most beneficial to Freshmen and Sophomores
  • Using Advantage, submit a resume and application describing your interest area(s). Participation is selective, and determined by quality of resume and career interests/opportunities
  • If selected, students must participate in an orientation session 
  • At conclusion, students are required to complete a reflection/evaluation

Contact Information:
Students and Employers, if you have questions please contact or call us at (978) 837-5480.