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Thank You Notes

Why do I need write thank you letters?

Thank you notes are necessary when you have had an interview for a position (internship, co-op or job) or when you have met with someone for an informational interview. You send a thank because you:

  • Appreciate the interviewer’s time
  • Appreciate the company’s interest in you as a potential employee
  • Want to show an employer that you are a PROFESSIONAL!
  • Want to reiterate that you are still very interested in the position

Thank you letters are used to remind employers WHY you are qualified for the specific position. Make sure to mention again your key strengths that will make you a great addition to the company’s team!

Thank You Letter Tips

  • Thank you letters should be mailed or sent within 48 hours of the interview
  • Use a PROFESSIONAL tone. Address the person formally (“Dear Dr. Smith”)
  • Use the business format in writing your letter
  • Include the date that you had your interview
  • Mention that you are still very interested in the position
  • Restate strengths that make you the ideal candidate for this position
  • Make your thank you letter stand out by mentioning something that particularly interested you during the interview (Pertaining to the specific position or company)
  • If more than one person interviewed you, send a letter to each one
  • Make sure all your contact information is included in the letter
  • CHECK YOUR SPELLING! Proofread before you send all letters! If you can, have someone else check for errors too!
  • E-mail or handwritten? This is an on-going debate in many circles. It is never a BAD idea to hand write a thank you note. Obtain thank you cards in the Merrimack bookstore or at a local stationary store. Plain white, off-white or other subdued color is preferred.


Your Name
Your Street
City, State, Zip


Mr. /Ms. Contact
Job Title
XYZ Company
Street Address
City, State, Zip

Dear Mr. /Ms. Contact:

I enjoyed interviewing with you on March 25 to discuss the Civil Engineering position at XYZ Company.

As we discussed, I will be graduating in May with my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. My co-op experience working at ABC, Inc. has strengthened my expertise in _____________; skills you stated were essential in candidates for this position. I was also particularly interested in XYZ Company’s innovations in _____________, having done extensive _________________ lab work in many of my courses at Merrimack.

I am very interested in becoming a part of your team. Enclosed please find the list of Professional References you requested. I can be reached at 978-555-9999 or by email at, should you need any additional information. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your Name