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O’Brien Center for Career Development

Graduate School

Deciding to Attend Graduate School

There are many reasons why you may want to pursue graduate education after you complete your studies at Merrimack. It is very important to know yourself and really understand why you want to pursue an advanced degree in a particular field. To help you decide if graduate school is right for you at this time, you should be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What specific career goal will graduate school help you accomplish? If you are unsure, go on informational interviews with professionals who work in the fields you are interested in and ask them if the degree would make you a more marketable candidate. Talk to faculty member and career advisors in the O’Brien Center for Career Development as well.
  • Do you just want to postpone the “real world?” Think before you gain more debt. Speak with a financial advisor and family members about the impact of funding your higher education.
  • Do you need relevant work experience to be a competitive candidate? Some schools only let in candidates with prior work experience. This work experience can also enrich your graduate school education.
  • Is your expectation of what will happen after you get your degree realistic? Have your researched job opportunities and salaries for persons holding the advanced degree you will obtain?

Call 978-837-5480 to make an appointment with a Career Advisor, or stop by the O’Brien Center for Career Development, Sakowich Campus Center, Second Floor to see how we can help.