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O’Brien Center for Career Development

Professional Association Memberships

What is a professional organization?

A professional organization is formed to disseminate information and unite people who share the same occupation or interests. Many associations also have student chapters which is a great place to start networking for internships, co-ops and jobs.

Why join a professional organization?

Joining an organization may offer you an opportunity to be a student leader and make invaluable networking connections for future employment.

Many organizations have publications devoted to new developments and research in your area of study to keep you informed of advancements and changes.

Membership also offers information on upcoming conferences and conventions which affords you an opportunity to attend lectures by the leading experts in your field and to communicate with others with the same interests.

Is membership worth the cost?

Yes. Membership dues can be used to allow the organization to continue to conduct research, policy making, and to hold education conferences to further your education.

Below is a list of professional organizations associated with majors offered at Merrimack: 



Civil Engineering

Communication Studies

Computer Sciences



Electrical Engineering


Fine Arts





Modern Languages


Political Science

Religious Studies


Women’s Studies