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O’Brien Center for Student Success

Resources for Faculty

It is important for staff, faculty and administrators to be aware of first-generation college students. Resources on the most recent first-generation college student research, findings, and opportunities will allow us to be better prepared to support and assist this population

Tips for Faculty:

  • If the topic allows for it, have a conversation about first generation college students in class
  • Personally offer office hours to those students you may suspect to be G1
  • Reassure these students that no question is not worth asking
  • Ask questions about what they are involved in on campus
  • If you are a G1 student, give them one of your personal stories if you are willing
  • Talk to them about what they want to do in the future
  • Encourage them and give them praise if it is appropriate
  • Provide them with the reassurance that first you are a person and second you are a professor