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O’Brien Center for Career Development

The Warrior Network

The Warrior Network develops value-based relationships that help students to understand the importance of professional development as they work progressively toward their career aspirations. 

Basic Program Information

The Warrior Network is designed to support sophomore and junior Merrimack students as they navigate their career development process.

The network encourages students to build mentor relationships with Merrimack alumni and local employers that support professional growth. The network provides students with a mentor that aligns with the student’s personal career goals.

Throughout the semester, students are encouraged to meet with their mentor and engage in discussions that support the path of professional development. Additional networking events also occur throughout the semester to support the growth and development of current mentor relationships.

Exchange Components: The Professional Mentoring Relationship

Through a successful mentoring partnership, the mentor and the mentee know each other’s expectations and goals. As such, the mentoring relationship is flexible and open to change.

A Statement of Understanding is discussed together between the mentor and the mentee during the program’s orientation. Should problems or conflicts arise throughout the relationship, the O’Brien Center uses this document to resolve problems constructively among mentors and mentees.

Role of the Mentee

In this mentoring relationship, the mentee is expected to express the following characteristics:

  • Have an open mind
  • Be an active listener
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities
  • Follow through on committed meeting times
  • Dress appropriately
  • Take the initiative to make the most of this relationship

For further tips and suggested questions to ask your mentor, please refer to mentee resources.

Role of the Mentor

In this mentoring relationship, the mentor is expected to express the following characteristics:

  • Offer advice and suggestions that challenge, encourage and support the mentee
  • Share life stories of your professional experiences
  • Provide support in academic and career guidance
  • Facilitate personal and professional growth
  • Engage in enriching conversations with your mentee
  • Have fun!

For further tips and suggested talking points for your mentee, please refer to mentor resources.

Time, Commitment and Communication Structure

The time commitment for this network is flexible and agreed upon by the mentor and the mentee. Beyond orientation, all organized communication will develop among the mentor and the mentee. The O’Brien Center will provide a suggested timeline of events for the duration of the program.

In addition to this timeline, we encourage mentors and their mentees to engage in several informal exchanges over the course of the academic year. We encourage engagement in the following mentoring activities throughout the year:

  • Job shadowing for a day is encouraged but not required
  • Participation in mentor’s office meeting or seminar
  • Lunch on the job or on campus

Communication through this program is flexible as well. We suggest the following communication structures for staying in touch with your mentor or mentee:

  • In-person meetings
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Skype

Additional Support

The Warrior Network collaborates with the O’Brien Center for Career Development and the Office of Development & Alumni Relations. We are happy to assist you with any questions that you may have as you progress through your mentoring relationship.

Please feel free to contact Sarah Mackler in the O’Brien Center with any concerns that you may have.