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Suggested Activities

Suggested Activities for Externs:

1. Anything that exposes students to the normal workplace environment, your workload, and the current issues and trends of your career field.

  • Going through your typical daily agenda; explaining current projects you are responsible for; initiatives your company is starting; etc.

2. Information interviews with the student, expressing how you got involved/interested in this field, your career path, and your passion for this field.

  • Students are encouraged to go to their host site with goals and questions they wish to have answered through this experience.

3. Attend meetings; tour the facility; and meeting other members of your organization to gain different employee perspectives. This may include visiting different departments to learn how they work together at the organization.

  • Speak with HR representatives about recruiting and hiring practices at the organization. Learn what type of experience and graduate degrees are applicable to the host’s career.
  • For longer externships, different department meetings/interviews on different days.

4. Offer hands-on involvement in your work, which can help students evaluate whether this may be a potential career for them, such as small inner office tasks.

  • Offering reading materials that would allow for a deeper understanding of current projects the host company is involved in. Also- for longer externship experiences- students are encouraged to help work on short-term projects or research (not filing or copying).

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