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Information Technology Services

Student Testimonials


Hear directly from students who have purchased a laptop through the program ! 



“If it was not for this program, I would have paid thousands of dollars to repair my laptop. Every time a problem has come up, the IT center is quick to lend me a loaner laptop.  I have never had a bad experience with the laptop program.  I highly recommend this program to everyone.”  Steve Loud ‘12 

“When I first got my computer a member of the IT Staff took time to show me how to get everything setup and showed me how to register the warranty.  After that he showed me what was already downloaded.  Lastly he got my Merrimack internet setup & running so I didn’t have to figure it our myself.  Over all he was very helpful and informative.” Meaghan Cunniffe ‘15 

“While doing my homework, I accidentally bumped a glass of milk off of a side table which happened to spill over my entire laptop. Luckily, I bought my laptop through IT and was able to get my computer completely repaired.  I am fortunate that the IT services are efficient and extremely reliable here at Merrimack.”  Jessica Peacock “12