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Information Technology Services

Mobile Telephone Policies

Merrimack College Cellular Telephone Policies

Cellular telephones, Blackberry cellular telephones, and iPhones can be effective resources for Merrimack College employees.  Cellular telephones may be assigned to employees for whom the nature of their work requires wide mobility in their job function or when accessibility to conventional telephone service is limited, impractical, or unavailable. Blackberry cellular telephones/iPhones may be approved for senior managers whose critical role requires continual access and communication with their office via cellular telephone and/or the need to immediately access and respond to email notifications and additional work related documents while traveling.  Cellular phones, Blackberry cellular telephones/iPhones are neither a personal benefit, nor a primary mode of communication unless it is the most cost-effective means.

Policies and Procedures

  1. Requests for cellular telephones must be submitted in writing to the Telecommunications Director on a Cellular Telephone Equipment Request Form.  All requests must include a justification for service, budget availability, and approval by Vice President/Dean.
  2. The Telecommunications Director will select an appropriate plan to meet the user’s specific needs.  The Telecommunications Director will monitor each phone to ensure that the most cost-effective plan is being utilized and make plan modifications when necessary.
  3. All Cellular equipment purchases and monthly usage bills will be charged to the individual’s department.  At the Department head’s discretion, users may be required to reimburse the college for exceeded minute allowances.

Usage bills will be distributed periodically to each cellular telephone user’s department head/Vice President for review.  It is the responsibility of the department head/Vice President to determine what use is acceptable, however, the Telecommunications Director will notify the department head when there is a significant change in monthly usage.  

  1. Cellular telephone accounts will be reviewed monthly by the Telecommunications Director to determine if cellular telephone services can be decreased or eliminated.
  1. The College recognizes that situations can occur when the need arises to make personal calls.  The same policy that dictates personal use on your office phone applies to cellular phones.  It is the responsibility of the department head/Vice President to ensure that cellular phones are not being excessively used for personal use.
  1. Stolen cellular telephone equipment must be reported immediately for the filing of a police report to Police Services and to the Telecommunications Department.  Repair issues should be reported to the Telecommunications Department.


Mobile Telephone Agreement 

Become familiar with your calling plan’s minute allowances, features, and restrictions.  Refer to the instruction booklets included with your telephone.  Blackberry users can access for helpful feature information.  iPhone users can go to for helpful feature information.

Calls to Directory Assistance 411 connect are $1.99  per call.  Please make every effort to avoid directory assistance calls.

Hints :

Use your web browser, go to

Use of ring downloads, premium downloads, and excessive camera features are prohibited.  You are responsible for reimbursing the college for charges incurred by downloading premium ring tones.


400 anytime voice minutes

Unlimited email, web, text

For more information about telephone services, please call Patricia Druid, Director of Telecommunications at
978-837-5200 or email