Frequently Asked Questions


How is booking an Event at Merrimack College different than a booking with a Hotel/Conference Center?

How far in advance should I book a room/building for an event?

When should my event details be finalized?

What contact information do you need for my event?


Do you have a list of preferred vendors?

What do I do if I want catering at my event?

Who will be my contact the day of the event?


What is the earliest or the latest I can access space in the Campus Center?

What is the cancellation policy/snow policy?

Can I bring my own food that is “home prepared” into the Campus Center?

Am I able to serve alcohol at my event?

If I need items shipped where should they be sent to?

Do you offer Printing/Copying services?

Why is there a Police Services officer assigned to my event?


Do you offer A/V support for events hosted in the Campus Center?

If I need technology such as a projector, a laptop, speakers, etc., will I need to bring them myself?

Is the Campus Center Wireless?

Parking & Transportation

What parking is available for the guests of my event? For buses?

How can I arrange for roadway signage?

Who will handle my signage?

What can I expect of your handicap accessibility throughout the campus for my event?


Can I post signs/flyers/banners in the Campus Center?

I am coming to campus for an event, where can I go locally if I need a bank or hotel?

How will I be billed, and when is payment due?