List of Venues

Location Square Footage Banquet Rounds Classroom (Seminar) Conference Reception Theater (Lectures) Pre-Set Features
Multipurpose Room 11,875 650 n/a n/a 650 1200 Gymnasium Sound System, Projection, Internet Ready
Merrimack Club 1045 90 n/a 15 90 n/a Dining Room & Conference Room TVs, Sound System, Internet Ready
Cascia Hall 2688 100 n/a n/a 120 200 n/a Sound System, Stage, Projector
Stevens Auditorium (Cushing) 2275 n/a n/a n/a n/a 100 100 (7 Rows Seating + 25’x30’ Stage) Stage, Laptop Hookup
Arundel Room 1100 n/a n/a 35 n/a n/a 35 Internet Access
Classrooms / Seminar Rooms Vary by Facility n/a 15-25 18-Dec n/a n/a Tablets / Seminar Tables Internet Access
Smart Classrooms Vary by Facility n/a 15-25 n/a n/a n/a Seminar Tables & Labs with PCs, Smart Boards, LCD Projection Internet Access