Mindfulness Podcasts

These mindfulness-based podcasts are designed to help you relax during stressful times.

Podcasts may be listened to from this site or downloaded as an MP3 file.

Suggestions before you begin:

  • Listen during a time when you will not be interrupted.
  • Turn off your cellphone, computer and instant messaging devices.
  • Turn off any music or other background noise.
  • Sit in a place where your head and body are fully supported or lay down in a quiet setting.
  • Practice each more than once - these techniques take time to learn.
  • If you enjoy the experience, consider making it a daily practice to help you avoid becoming overwhelmed later.
  • Take the skills with you - once you learn a breathing technique, try it without the podcast. You can use it in class, library, or anywhere you are feeling stressed.

Body Scan

16 minutes

The body scan is a practice that is designed to help you achieve a deep state of mental and physical relaxation. By following along and being fully present, you are assuming an active and powerful role in your health. This activity can be done sitting up or lying down and your eyes can be open or closed. 

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Focused Breathing

6 minutes

Learning how to follow the breath can be helpful for stress management, relaxation and mindfulness. This podcast gives instructions on how to do this and offers guidance on managing the wandering mind. It can be done sitting or lying down, and can be used throughout the day. After practicing with the podcast, try it on your own.

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation  16 minutes

Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a guided series of muscle contraction and release that promote deep relaxation of the body and calm the mind and nervous system. This podcast is 16 minutes long, so use it during a time when you will not be disturbed or when you are planning on going to sleep. After you practice PMR several times, you may find yourself able to engage in your own PMR without being guided.

Mindful Movement - lying down  15 minutes

This practice is used as a means to be present through movement. These postures will help you stretch and explore your edges, as the intention is to be gentle and patient with yourself as you find awareness. Be aware of emotional and physical balance; being flexible is not a requirement. This podcast is best experienced while lying on a mat or on a rug, with shoes off and wearing comfortable clothes.This practice can be utilized whenever you are feeling restless or anxious. 

Mindful Movement - standing  10 minutes

This practice is used to explore your limits, work on balance, and to manage stress through movement. The movements begin in the standing position. Noticing what you experience as you explore each posture can help you become grounded and present. It is good idea to stand on a mat, rug, or blanket without shoes. This practice can be helpful when experiencing anxiety and restlessness. 

Sitting Meditation  9 minutes

Sitting practice, mediation, and/or insight mediation is at the core of mindfulness. This podcast will guide and instruct you to follow the breath using physical sensation, recognizing sound, and noticing emotion. After practicing with the podcast several times, try to do it on your own. This practice can also be done lying down.

Mountain Practice  10 minutes

This practice centers on following the breath and using visualization. It begins with a sitting practice and continues with a visualization experience of *being* a mountain. This is a great exercise to utilize on a continual basis after becoming comfortable with following the breath and becoming familiar with the practice of sitting meditation.

Kindness Practice  10 minutes

This practice can be done while sitting or lying down. It highlights qualities of the heart and teaches you to offer kind wishes and affirmations to yourself, and to then offer the same to others. This is a good option to use after being comfortable with following breath and becoming familiar with sitting practice. It is also something that is beneficial to be used throughout every day!