Position Overview:  The Compass Program at Merrimack College announces a unique Teacher/Scholar Postdoctoral Fellowship. The successful candidate will participate as an apprentice teaching professor and researcher in a credit-bearing, mastery-based college transition program for under prepared college students. In the Compass Program, students who would ordinarily have difficulty gaining admission to college are accepted on the condition that they participate in a year-long holistic college immersion program. Teaching and learning in the Compass Program is organized around the principle of Self-Cultivation through Guided Mastery. Over the course of the year, students acquire both academic (i.e., reading comprehension, analytic writing, active listening/note-taking) and non-academic (i.e., growth through perseverance mindset; work ethic; responsibility; emotional regulation) skills in a high challenge/high support milieu. The program is organized around a year-long integrated Critical Inquiry Seminar; small class sizes taken in cohorts of 15-18 students; weekly academic counseling; integrated workshops; and relationship-based teaching and learning.

Through direct instruction, guided scaffolding and continuous feedback, students monitor the incremental development of their academic and non-academic skills through a series of levels of mastery. During the first year, the postdoctoral fellow will (a) acquire skills in mastery-based teaching by co-teaching the year-long Compass Critical Inquiry Seminar, while teaching 1-2 laboratory components of the course; (b) perform collaborative research examining teaching and learning processes in the program, tracking the development of academic and non-academic skills over time, and assessing relations between the two. During the second year, the fellow will teach the year-long Critical Inquiry Seminar independently, while continuing collaborative research. Research is expected to culminate in published articles, book chapters and/or a book length monograph. Teaching and research will occur in collaboration with the Academic Director of the program (Michael F. Mascolo, Ph.D).

The successful applicant should have a Ph.D. and research skills in child and/or adult development, education, teaching and learning, or related areas. The ideal applicant would have strong theoretical and research skills and have the ability to engage underprepared college students in challenging and emotionally supportive ways. The applicant should be proactive, ready to learn, and interested in theory and research on the processes of learning and development. The position is ideal for individuals who wish to pursue a career as a teacher/scholar (rather than as a teacher or a scholar) and who wish to cultivate teaching skills based on the best of what we know about the processes of learning and development.

One year position with the anticipation of renewal upon successful review.

To Apply:  Please apply online with cover letter and resume.

Merrimack College is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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