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Information Technology Services

Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement documents the level of service expected of Information Technology Services (service provider) to the Merrimack College community (customer), and the responsibilities of the community with regard to the use of information technology within Merrimack College.


To ensure that the proper elements and commitments are in place to provide consistent ITS support and delivery to the customer by the service provider.


To obtain mutual agreement for ITS provision between Information Technology Services (service provider) and the Merrimack College community (customer).


Service providers: academic technology, administrative computing, MACK card, network services, telecommunications and user services, including the AskIT help desk.


Faculty, administration, staff and students.

Hours of Operation

During the academic school year, the help desk and walk-in center are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

During the summer, the help desk and walk-in center are open Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

On-site Service

Service is delivered during business hours. For critical network problems, on-site service is provided during waking hours, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. All critical services are monitored 24x7, automatically alerting on-call personnel as needed.

On-site Response Times

After business hours, the on-site response time for critical problems is four hours. Noncritical outages outside of waking hours will be handled at the beginning of the next day’s on-site service hours.

Requesting Assistance/Service

978-837-3500 (ext. 3500)
Help Desk, second floor, McQuade Library

Expected Response Times

Highest Priority (P1), 2 Business Hours (must call ext. 3500)

  • Technology-related issues for the president and vice presidents.
  • Major system that is off-line or not operational for all users.
  • Major function or service that is not operational for multiple users, i.e., one building or more is down.
  • Critical Technology Enhanced Classroom issues during class time.

High Priority (P2), 4 Business Hours (must call ext. 3500)

  • Services or applications are not operational for a group of users, i.e., localized wireless, printing or MyMack registration is down.

Medium Priority (P3), 2-3 Business Days

  • Services or applications are not operational for a few users, i.e., virus/malware or students are unable to register for a course.
  • A major function or service within an application is not operational for a few users, i.e., Blackboard grading or login issue.
  • A few users with an issue but still able to perform job function, i.e., a docking station is broken but laptop is still usable.

Low Priority (P4), 3-4 Business Days

  • A minor function is not operational for one or more users who can continue to use other application functions, i.e., can print in MyMack using one browser but not another.
  • Requests for equipment moves or installations, i.e., office move, phone, printer, computer.
  • Requests for training.
  • Questions about system functionality.

Lowest Priority (P5) 5-Plus Business Days

  • Project requests, i.e., improvements to hardware and software, or equipment moves.


We will do our best to perform maintenance during times that will have the least impact on customers. Customer impact, IT staff availability and vendor availability will all be taken into consideration when scheduling maintenance windows. 

Service Provider Responsibilities

  • Respond to and resolve customer questions, problems with and requests for enhancements to the application(s) to meet business needs.
  • Respond to customer questions regarding application functionality.
  • Respond to customer questions regarding data issues.
  • Ensure that customers are adequately trained and that applications meet the business needs of the college.
  • Provide clear and timely communications with the customers on outstanding issues and requests.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Provide detailed information regarding requests. Include emails received, error messages received, examples, steps taken, parameters entered along with expected results and actual results.
  • Go through the proper request channels to receive the quickest response.
  • When the support staff responds via email, they may cc others to elicit assistance, keep other interested parties informed, even while away from their desks.
  • Use IT as a strategic partner when making decisions to change current or purchase new software or hardware.
  • Inform IT when planning to install new releases of software that may impact interfaces with other systems. Provide IT with interface change information and/or technical contact information for vendor.


For a list of systems and technologies supported by Information Technology Services , please refer to the “Services A to Z” page.

Administrative Systems (Jenzabar, Target X)

Academic Technology (Classrooms, Blackboard, etc.)
Network Services (Infrastructure, Internet Access, etc.)
User Services (AskIT Help Desk)
Telecommunications (Telephone, Rave Alert)

Revised 6/20/2013


Second Floor
McQuade Library
Mon-Thurs, 8 am-8 pm
Fri, 8 am-4:30 pm




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