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Multifactor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

Learn more about multi-factor authentication and how it can protect your identity. 

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), sometimes called 2-step verification, is a method to prove your (the user) identity when logging in to your account. To prove your identity, you will be asked for two pieces of evidence that fall into two different categories. Categories include the following:

  • Knowledge - “something you know,” such as your password
  • Possession - “something you have,” such as your mobile device
  • Inherence - “something you are,” such as a fingerprint or facial recognition

If one of the factors has been compromised by a hacker or unauthorized user, the chances of another factor also being compromised are low. Overall, MFA provides an extra level of security in preventing hackers from accessing systems and information.

Example of MFA in Action

If your password is leaked and a hacker attempts to log in to your account, they would also need your mobile device to complete the login attempt. You may not realize it but you are likely already using MFA when accessing online accounts for banking, credit cards and other services.

Setting Up MFA

Setting up your MFA only needs to be done once. 

Learn How to Register for MFA