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Information Technology Services

Faculty-Staff Phone Instructions

The following instructions are for the Avaya 6408D telephones assigned to most Merrimack employees. 

Call Appearance Buttons

Your campus phone number is usually assigned to the first three call appearance buttons on the right side of your telephone, allowing you to receive up to two incoming calls at a time. During the first incoming call, one of your call appearance buttons will ring and flash. Should you receive a second call while still on the line, one of the idle call appearance buttons will ring once and continue to flash until you retrieve the call. If you choose not to retrieve the second call, it will automatically forward to your voicemail.

Call Transferring

To transfer a call to another user on the system, press the “Trnsfr” (transfer) button, dial the extension number and press the “Trnsfr” button again.


To place a caller on hold, press the red “Hold” button. To retrieve the call, press the flashing line button.

Call Conferencing

You may conference with up to six people on a single call by following these procedures:

  1. Dial the first number.
  2. Upon connecting, press the “Confr” (conference) button once.
  3. Await dial tone.
  4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 for subsequent calls.
  5. After all parties are contacted, press the “Conf” button twice.
  6. All parties will now be connected to the call.


For hands-free calling, pressing the “Spkr” (speaker) button and then hang up the handset. This may be done at any time during a call.

Caller ID

Your phone will display caller ID for on-campus calls only. Outside calls will display the phone number only.

More Information

Patti Druid
Director, Telecommunications