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Office of Community Standards

Frequently Asked Questions- Parents

My student has stated that they have a pending conduct meeting. How do I help prepare them?

Students will be asked to attend a meeting to discuss the incident that occurred. During this meeting, the student will be provided an opportunity to outline their account of what happened in the incident, provide additional documentation, share incident reports, ask questions and discuss the potential outcomes of the meeting. Encourage your student to review this process in the student handbook to be prepared in the meeting.

Will I be notified if my student is found responsible for a Student Conduct violation?

Typically, the College will notify parents of any violation of the Alcohol or Drug Policies, as well as any violation that results in the temporary or permanent loss of housing, suspension, and or expulsion.

Who can attend the hearing with my student?

Students are able to bring an advisor with them to the hearing.  This person must be a member of the Merrimack College community.  Family members and lawyers are not allowed in the hearing.