Helping Teachers Teach

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning was founded with the mission of engaging faculty and others in developing and implementing creative, effective and innovative pedagogies that enhance student learning and support academic success.  

Guiding the work of the CETL are several overarching goals:

  • Support the instructional improvement efforts of the Merrimack teaching community, inclusive of adjuncts, tenured and non-tenured faculty of all service lengths.
  • Enhance a College-wide climate of excellence in teaching and learning by valuing, rewarding, and sustaining faculty members, staff and other contributors to the Merrimack experience.
  • Implement programs and activities that enrich and improve teaching and learning and are relevant and reflective of the identified needs of Merrimack faculty.
  • Promote active learning strategies and pedagogy as tools for teaching and learning innovation.
  • Serve as a model and resource for similar institutions, particularly the community of small Catholic colleges and universities, to adopt and develop best practices in teaching and learning.

Contact Us

To contact the CETL, please email us at one of the following addresses, depending on the nature of your inquiry: