Technology in Action

A look at some of the ways Merrimack faculty are using technology in their classrooms.

Keynote Rocks

Brittnie Aiello, Assistant Professor of Criminology

Collaborating with Google Docs

Michael Stroud, Assistant Professor of Psychology

By utilizing Google Docs and some simple sharing, students can collaborate on documents to share and learn from one another. Since Google Apps for Education has dedicated iOS Apps for many of their applications, the iPad provides the ideal environment for student collaboration inside and outside the classroom.

iTunes U and Google Forms for Readings

Michael Stroud, Assistant Professor of Psychology

When students read material outside of the classroom, Google Forms provides the means for keeping students on task as well as allowing for anonymous sharing in class. Simple links in iTunesU allow for easy access for students and faculty.

Multitouch/Multimedia Content Creation for Students

Birgid Hopkins, Director of Athletic Training, Department of Health Sciences

This video demonstrates how to engage students in the classroom & lab through multi-media utilization of student generated work with the usage of an iBook and iPad.

YouTube Channel

Craig Looney, Associate Professor of Physics

Professor Looney describes key concepts in physics, demonstrates and explains how to solve to sample problems, and shows you physics examples from the the real world.