Goals and Objectives

What is the goal for Mobile Merrimack?

How will Merrimack College students benefit?

iPad Distribution Plan

What iPad and case will students receive?

When will students receive their iPad?

How does my iPad access the internet?

Who owns my iPad?

Will I be able to keep my iPad through the summer and vacation breaks?

I already have an iPad. Will I be able to use that one?

Additional Technology and Accessory Needs

Do I need a computer if I have an iPad?

Does my iPad come with other accessories?

Apps, Coursework, and Textbooks

Do students buy the apps for the iPad or does the school?

Can students install their own apps?

How will professors use the iPad in their classes?

Are iPads used in all classes?

What are my textbook buying options with an iPad?

iPad Training

Will students be trained on how to use their iPad?

Where can I learn more about the iPad?

iPad Service, Support, and Security

How will I get service and support for my iPad?

What should I do if my iPad is lost or stolen?

What safety measures exist?

What data security issues should I consider?

Are the iPad serial numbers recorded somewhere?

Are there rules students must follow when using iPads?

Where can I find a copy of the Merrimack College Student Computer User Agreement?