Programs and Activities

The CETL offers a variety of programs and activities to support excellence in teaching and learning including:

Faculty Fellows

The CETL Faculty Fellows will lead the Center’s research efforts on best practices in teaching and learning; the subsequent application and assessment of those practices; the adaptation of those practices, as-needed, for the Merrimack context;and ultimately, the adoption of those practices within the institution.  In their self-designed research, Fellows will actively partner with other faculty, academic support centers, departments, and others, as well as conduct individually-focused, sponsored research.  The Fellows and their partners will jointly identify problems or issues related to teaching and learning; and through the CETL, conduct research to identify and test pedagogies designed to solve and address the given problem or issue.  Faculty Fellows receive a half-time course release and work with the CETL for a full academic year, and access to graduate and undergraduate research assistants. Based on the flexibility of the Fellow’s teaching commitments, some or all of the allotted three-course release may be taken in the form of a stipend.

Teaching Circles

The collegial nature of the teaching circle is intended to foster openness, mutual support, and innovation.  The circle is composed of faculty from across departments and is self-directed within the general structure of the teaching circles program.  A teaching circle is a group of 5-8 faculty members who will work closely together for two semesters to focus on an issue related to improving teaching and learning.  The CETL Teaching circles will meet over the course of two semesters. In the first semester, circle participants will meet seminar style to discuss readings and experiences related to the topic of the circle.  Based on this work, the participants will implement and assess new or improved teaching strategies.  The results of these innovations will be shared through the CETL with the wider Merrimack community, and teaching circles will be further supported should they wish to disseminate their results more widely. Circle facilitators receive a stipend and funds to cover supplies and related costs.

Faculty Development Workshops

The CETL offers minimally six annual workshops on a diversity of teaching and learning topics and needs, inclusive of faculty, academic enrichment, institutional and departmental perspectives and issues.

Research and Assessment

The CETL will offer a new series of targeted programming and resources on the research of best practices and strengthening the link between assessment and pedagogy. Programming includes:

  • The Annual Research and Assessment Conference 
  • Formative Assessment
  • Customized assessment services such as support for departments, faculty, and others as they conduct program reviews and learning outcomes assessment.

More Information

Please contact Director Kathryn Nielsen if you are interested in getting involved with any CETL programming.