Instructional Design at the CETL

The CETL offers instructional design services to support your pedagogical needs. 

Instructional designers can create internal workshops and individualized sessions on a variety of topics, such as course design and assessment, mobile learning, accessibility, student engagement, AR/VR and other educational tools. They can all be tailored to support faculty development and student success.

Whether designing for face to face, online or hybrid environments, we invite you to request a meeting with an instructional designer or stop by our office in Sullivan Hall, Room B-2.

What is Universal Design?

Universal design is designing with everyone in mind. As instructors, we want all students to benefit from our classes. Universal Design is a concept that guides best practices for creating learning resources and environments that all students can enjoy. The CETL can help you reach your design goals so that the rigor of your content is the only factor that challenges your students.

What is Instructional Design?

Instructional design is the creation of learning experiences and resources in a way that encourages and results in the acquisition of knowledge and skills.