Inclusive Pedagogy at Merrimack College

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) helps to minimize barriers and maximize learning for all students.

How can you make your online course more inclusive?

1.) Display content in a variety of ways.  Provide images, text, multimedia, and use your creative style to capture the learner’s attention.

2.) Accept a variety of formats from your learners over the duration of your course.  Give your students a variety of modalities to prove their command of the subject.  

3.) Fuel creativity in your students by allowing them to explore topics in a variety of ways.  Encouraging student exploration will add to their engagement.

How can the CETL help you? 

Designing is a specialty of the CETL.  We are ready to help you re-design courses and activities, or to start from scratch to meet the demands of diverse learners.  

Universal Design for Learning Fact Sheet

UDL in Action 

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UDL in Higher Ed

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