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Office of the Provost

Internationalization Laboratory Initiative


Merrimack College’s vision is to be a highly ranked, internationally respected, selective master’s comprehensive Catholic college, which is residential, student-centered, professionally focused and rigorous in the liberal arts, sciences, and business.

We will advance this vision through excellence in classroom teaching and scholarship, diversity and globalization, development of professionally oriented graduate programs, investment in faculty, enhancement if student life and experiential learning, expansion of athletics, and refocusing our values on our Catholic roots and the teachings and principles of St. Augustine.

Our college-wide strategic plan, The Agenda for Distinction, includes a focus on comprehensive internationalization efforts.  As articulated in the strategic objectives of the plan, we will:

  • Strive to build and support a community rich with a diversity of backgrounds, races, ethnicities, faiths, and cultures.
  • Pursue positive connections both locally and globally and exhibit a value of service to our neighbors.
  • Demonstrate a defined and favorable international reputation, as evidenced by increasing numbers of international student applicants, students participating in study abroad programs, and international colleges having partnerships with us.  We will also see increased presence in international ratings of colleges and higher numbers of faculty participating in international activities.

In light of these objectives, the charge of the International Leadership Team is:

  • To serve as the leadership team for the ACE International Laboratory 
  • To carry out a review of the current state of internationalization at the College.
  • To help frame new conversation on internationalization within the College community
  • To develop a strategic plan for further internationalization of the College, to include:
  • Recommendations to increase the number of Merrimack students studying abroad (short and long term) and to develop a college-wide approach to study abroad;
  • Recommendations to increase the number of international students on our campus and to facilitate and support the success of these students;
  • Recommendations to increase the number of academic and student life programs that promote awareness, understanding and acceptance of other nations and cultures, and to engage the entire Merrimack College community in the internationalization process;
  • Recommendations for an organizational model to manage college-wide international affairs.