Office of the Provost

Current Recipients

Faculty Development Grant Recipients


Taesoo Ahn Purchasing Intentions of Various Sponsorship-Linked Ticket Bundling Among Fans and Non-Fans
Brittnie Aiello Data Collection, Incarcerated Fathers and Formerly Incarcerated Mothers
Brandi Baldock Teaching Thermochemistry in General Chemistry Laboratory
Rodrigo Bandiera de Mello The Impact of Legal Institutions on Non-Market Strategies
Sarah Benes Training to be Certified as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor
Leena Bharath Regulation of Inflammation by autophagy…
April Bowling Functional MRI Visiting Fellowship…
Ricky Caldwell Jr. American Society of Civil Engineers ExCEED training
Fan Chen When less is more (Should we constrain mutual fund managers?)
Joseph Chiarelli Online courses in chemometrics
Anthony DiCarlo Optimization of Ground Source Heat Exchangers
Emma Duffy-Comparone Short story fiction writing
Christopher Duston  A realistic approach to the Brans Conjecture…
Audrey Falk The disciplining and professionalization of community engagement through the graduate degree
Cynthia Ferrara The Mindful McQuade Initiative
Mariko Frame  Imperialism, Ecology, and the World System
Jimmy Franco Development of Photoactive polymers that can be used as artificial muscles
Nicole Frisch New Course Development on Prisoner Reentry and Community corrections using innovative teaching techniques
John Gallagher Viscoelastic Modeling of Intervertebral Discs
Tahir Hameed Health Analytics; A predictive model for 30-days hospital re-admissions considering discharge-to-alternate-care as an option for healthcare costs optimization
George Heffernan Virtue Ethics - Continuing the Research and Designing and New course
Laura Hsu Cognitive correlates of non-dominant hand use among older adults
Michael Hyman Advertising and the Relationship between prices and earnings
Sirkwoo Jin  It Takes Two to Tango: Knowledge integration approach to term innovative performance
James Kaklamanos Earthquake ground motions in landslide and liquefaction analyses
Zachary Kissel Constrained Pseudorandom Functions: Analysis Design and Applications
Laura Kurdziel Relationship between sleep and emotional reactivity and regulation following a mild traumatic brain injury
Katelyn Kurkul Parents Perceptions and Attitudes of Children’s Questions and their Utility for Learning
Benjamin Larkin Exploring the Role of Narrative in Sport Team Identifications
Raymond Lavoie Writing a Book on the Psychological State of Flow
He Li Populism in China: Origins, Manifestations and Political Implications
SeungJin Lim A Study on Author Identification over a Large-Scale Text Collection
R. David MacLaren Environmentally Realistic waterborne atrizine exposure effects female reproductive behavior in …

Diana Marginean

Conceptions of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Susan Marine

Collaorations for Change: Transforming Cultures to End Gender Based Violence

Michael Mascolo

Cultivating Academic and Socio-Emotional Skills in Underprepared College Students: A Logitudinal Analysis

Mark McCoy

Development of materials for a Lantanide Complex Immunoassay

William McDowell

Biotic and Antibiotic Changes to lakes following the Clean Air Act Amendment

Kevin McGravey

Digital Public Forums and the American Democracy

Josephine Modica-Napolitano

Investigating a Novel Treatment Strategy Aimed to Enhance the Efficacy of the Mitochondria-targeted Anti Cancer Agent Elesclomol

Kaveh Moradi Dezfouli

Investment Practices of Index Funds

Azam Noori

The Bay Circuit Trail Plant Identification Guideline; an iBook

Seungbin Oh

Client Assessment of Multiculturally Competent Behavior (CAMCB) Development and Validation

Jessica Peacock

The Flipped Classroom: A Course Redesign to Foster Active Learning and Engagement in Exercise Physiology

Lisa Perks

Immersive and Distracted States of Binge Watching

Aleksandra Plocha

Defining Resilience: How Bereaved College Students Conceptualize Resilience

Leah Poloskey

Capstone e Portfolio Creation for masters of Strength and Conditioning Students

Emma Polyakov

Completion of Book Manuscript: The Idea of the Holy Land

Christy Pottroff

The Mail Map
Brian Provencher Development of an iBook for Org Chem Lab II
Sandra Raponi An Analysis of the Global Compact on Refugees: Prospects and Limitations
Jessica Rich Preparing a Proposal for a co-edited volume on campus community partnerships formed in response to oil and gas pipeline development
Autumn Ridenour Practicing Presence in a Digital Age
Lauren Rocha Introduction to College Writing iBook
Luis Saenz de Viguera Moving the Spanish Program Forward
Dan Sarofian-Butin Creating a Space for Place-Based Community-Engaged Learning in an Increasingly Placeless World
Allison Seitchik The influence of nonconscious goals on athletic performance
Simona Sharoni Global Interdisciplinary Studies
Eleanor Shonkoff Parent Stress and Child Dietary Intake
Julia St. Goar Investigating the Development of Undergraduate Understanding and Use of the Definition of Congruence Based on Sequences of Transformations
Christopher Stuetzle Utilizing Intelligent Transportation Systems Techniques for City Planning and Development
Tunde Szivak The Effects of Seating Load Carriage on Mood, Pain, and Reaction Time
Jake Turner Interdisciplinary pedagogy research
Omer Unsal Employee Lawsuits and Information Asymmetry
Dan Vlahos Summer Film School
Gwyne White Neuropsychological testing data
William Wians Imitating Socrates in Plato’s Symposium
Zi Yan Weight comments among college students
Melissa Zimdars Food Media, Misinformation, and Everyday Life