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Provost Innovation Fund/ Sakowich Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Recipients

Jack Adams Towards a Culture of Identification and Remediation of Low Cost, high ROI Energy Efficiency Opportunities in a time of Catastrophic Climate Change
Taesoo Ahn The Influence of Perceived Curriculum Service Quality and Experiential Leaming on Students’ Program Satisfaction and Loyalty: A Case Study in Sport Management Program at Merrimack College

Brandi Baldock

Nanoparticle Building Blocks for Colorimetric Sensors

Leena P. Bharath

Regulation of Inflammation by Autophagy in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells from Normoglycemic Obese Subjects

Cynthia Carlson, C.J. Wong, Azam Noor

Campus as a Classroom:  Baseline Data Gathering

Fan Chen, Omer Unsal, Mary Papazian

Value of ESG investing

Christopher Duston

Engaging Merrimack Students in Astronomical Research
John Gallagher, Jimmy Franco Photomechanical Characterization of Custom 3-D Printed Polymer
Zachary Kissel Christopher Stuetzle Summer Research Experience for Undergraduate Students
Katelyn Kurkul, Anne Gatling Epistemological Stance in Pre-Service Teacher and its Impact on Explanations
Laura Kurdziel Chronic Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), Napping and Emotional Reactivity
Jonathan Latiano The Only Thing That’s the End of the World is the End of the World
Jessica Peacock Expanding Active ScienceĀ® to Promote Physical Activity and Academic Achievement in Outdoor Education Programs
Mark McCoy Creation of Cysteine Mutations of Antibody Particles against 3 Phenoxybenzoic Acid.
William McDowell, Cynthia Carlson Biotic and Abiotic Assessments of the Shawsheen River Watershed
Stephen Theberge Development of an Environmental Water Analysis Library
Gwyne White Evidence-Based Development of School-Based Leadership Intervention to Promote Resilience for At-Risk Middle Students
Alyssa Yetter Poverty, Government Assistance, and Juvenile Delinquency




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