Safety Escort

Call 978-837-5555 (ext. 5555 internally) or contact police via one of the emergency call boxes located throughout campus.

If, for any reason, you or your guests feel uncomfortable walking alone at night or have reason to be concerned for your personal safety, the Police Department is happy to provide a safety escort.

When requesting an escort, please provide the dispatcher with your name and exact location. If no officer is available to respond immediately, the dispatcher will either apprise you of the expected wait time or dispatch a member of the Student Security Team to assist you. Please wait in a safe place for the arrival of your safety escort. If an escort has not arrived after a reasonable time, please call again.

Policy Restrictions
The Police Department is committed to the goals of providing a safe, efficient and courteous escort service. Therefore, certain restrictions must be placed on this service. The escort service is not designed to:

  • Provide transportation to/from places of employment, restaurants, taverns, airports, mass-transit, etc.
  • Provide transportation for large groups or persons intoxicated or otherwise exhibiting obnoxious behavior.

Lost and Found

Merrimack’s central lost and found is in police headquarters, in the basement at the rear of Monican Hall.

Identification Cards

College identification cards can now be obtained through the college’s computer store.

Engraving Services

The Police Department provides engraving services to the community during community-oriented policing programs or upon request. All items, large or small, can be engraved with a mark of the owner’s choice, such as a date of birth or pet’s name, that will help identify lost or stolen possessions. Marks of a crude nature may not be used. Social security numbers should be avoided, as it puts one at risk of identity theft. If your item is too large to be carried to the location of the program, you may request that an officer come to your residence hall room to provide the engraving service.

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency two-way call stations have been installed at strategic locations throughout campus. They are identifiable by a blue light atop the box or by yellow boxes marked “Emergency.” When the call button is depressed, an individual is immediately connected with a police dispatcher, who will dispatch an officer to respond to the situation. Please note that all pay phones on campus can be used to call anywhere on campus free of charge.

Motorist Assist Program

The department makes available jump packs to community members with dead car batteries, and can help drivers gain entrance to their vehicle during car lockouts.

Lighting Checks

Police officers conduct regular checks of lighting on campus and reports inadequate or inoperative lighting conditions to the appropriate department.

Security Surveys

The department conducts security surveys of offices and buildings to identify vulnerabilities in access, security and property control, and reports problem to the appropriate department.