Terrorism Awareness

Victim/Witness Resources

Campus Safety Resources

Safety resources are locations you can find help in an emergency, or places you can go if you feel your personal safety may be at risk. You should become aware of the locations of safety resources before you need them, rather than during a panic situation when you are less likely to think clearly.

Shuttle Services

Shuttle Schedule and Route

Police Station

The police station is in the rear basement of Monican Hall. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays and vacation periods.

Bike, Cruiser and Foot Patrols

These officers make frequent checks of all campus areas. If you need assistance, you may wave down an officer at any time. Please do so safely.

Buildings and Offices

Any campus building or office is available as a safety resource for people seeking help.

Emergency Phones

Emergency phones are located throughout campus in lots, buildings and general areas. Pressing the call button immediately connects you with the police dispatcher, who will provide assistance. We ask that you use these phones only during emergency situations, or when requesting a safety escort.

Emergency phones can be found at the following locations:

  • Andover Townhouse
  • Ash foyer
  • Austin Hall 114 (side by church)
  • Campus Center elevator
  • Campus Center freight elevator
  • Campus Center loading dock
  • Church (Flaherty Way)
  • Cushing (library side)
  • Cushing elevator
  • Deegan East elevator
  • Deegan East foyer
  • Deegan West elevator
  • Deegan West emergency exit
  • Deegan West fireplace lounge
  • Deegan West foyer
  • Hamel Health Center
  • Lowell Townhouse
  • MAC foyer
  • MAC rear ice
  • McQuade Library front door
  • Mendel elevator
  • Mendel HP entrance
  • Monican foyer
  • O’Brien Hall at Walsh Way
  • O’Brien Hall in the Townhouse Quad
  • O’Brien Elevator
  • O’Brien Lot
  • O’Reilly (bridge side)
  • O’Reill elevator
  • Rogers Center for the Arts
  • St. Ann’s Bridge
  • St. Ann’s Lot (8C)
  • St. Ann’s, Corner of G Tower
  • St. Ann’s L Tower
  • Sullivan 114 entrance
  • Sullivan elevator

Rave Alert

All Merrimack College students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to sign up for Rave Alert to enable police services to contact you in case of a campuswide emergency.

Rave Guardian

Download the Rave Guardian app for your smartphone (free from the Apple app store). You will need a merrimack.edu email address to download the full app, but family and friends can download a limited version that allows them some functionality.

 There are three major components to Guardian:

  • Emergency call function. One-touch calling for local 911 or Merrimack College police.
  • Safety timer. Schedule your trip, designated a “guardian,” and let that person track your route and timing, so he or she will know right away if you encounter difficulty.
  • Confidential tip ability: Send a confidential text or photo to Merrimack  police.

Phone Numbers  

5911 (internally)

5555 (internally)

Anonymous Tip Line 
5777 (internally)

TTY Relay
See instructions