Student Parking Terms and Policies

2017-18 Academic Year

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Resident-Student Parking

Parking is available, on a seniority basis, for resident students of Merrimack College. All students who wish to park a vehicle on campus must fill out the required Vehicle Registration Application.

Priority parking will be given to seniors, students with disabilities (see below) and students with approved off-campus experiential-education placements (see below). Once all parking decals have been assigned to interested priority students, the Office of Parking and Transportation will then offer parking opportunities to underclassmen, with spots to be assigned based on availability. Freshmen and sophomore resident students, as a general rule, should not expect to have a vehicle on campus, and opportunities for juniors will be limited.

Resident students who purchase decals to park on campus will be assigned a numbered space (the number will be on the decal). Any vehicle parked in the wrong numbered space will be towed.

Note: Seniors living in Royal Crest will be issued Royal Crest parking assignments and are not eligible for on-campus parking decals.

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Graduate-Student Parking

Parking is available to all graduate students attending the college. Graduate students who wish to park a vehicle on campus must fill out the required Vehicle Registration Application.

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Commuter-Student Parking

Parking is available to all commuter students attending the college. Commuter students who wish to park a vehicle on campus must fill out the required Vehicle Registration Application.

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Faculty and Staff Parking

Faculty and staff parking information will be available on MyMack site during the week of Aug.14. A link to the site will be shared via email.

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Registration Fees

Students must place parking decals on their vehicle within 24 hours of issuance (decals will come with instructions about where on the vehicle they should be displayed). Decals are nontransferable and may be used only for the vehicle for which it was issued.

The decal fee will be applied to a student’s bill once the student picks up the decal. Fees are:

  • Resident students with assigned parking on campus — $450 per year.
  • Resident students with assigned parking on campus for fall semester only — $225 per semester.
  • Graduate, continuing-education and undergraduate commuter students — $100 per year.
  • Graduate, continuing-education and undergraduate commuter students for fall only — $50 per semester.
  • Resident students assigned to East Mill parking area — no cost.

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Parking Locations

Campus parking lots are designated by letter; students, faculty, staff and visitors may park only in those lots appropriate to their decal or placard.

Vehicles parked in lots other than their designated area or assigned parking space at any time are subject to ticketing and towing.

All parking lots are designated unless otherwise communicated by the Merrimack College police.

Resident Student Parking Lots
  • East Mill
  • Lot J
  • Lot K
Commuter, Graduate and Professional Student Parking Lots
  • Lot A
  • Lot E
  • Lot F
  • Lot G
  • Lot H
  • Fenton Road 
Faculty and Staff Parking Lots
  • Lot B
  • Lot C (including C expansion)
  • Lot E
  • Lot F
  • Lot L
  • Lot M
Visitor Parking Lots
  • Lot B
  • Lot C (including C expansion)
  • Lot E
  • Lot F
  • Lot L
East Mill Lot

Located approximately two miles from campus at 21 High St., in a bustling office/restaurant district, the top deck is reserved for Merrimack student parking.

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Special Parking Circumstances

The college reserves the right to close and clear parking lots for weather emergencies and events such as, but not limited to, Homecoming and Commencement. Please check your Merrimack email for all parking and circulation updates.

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Parking Violations and Appeals


Please take note of the following parking regulations to avoid parking violations:

  1. Vehicles must be parked in the parking lot designated by the parking decal assigned to that vehicle at all times.
  2. Vehicles parked in assigned parking spots in Lots J and K without the corresponding decal will be towed immediately at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  3. Vehicles parked in lots anywhere on campus without the corresponding decal for that lot will be ticketed on the first offense. A second offense will result in the vehicle being towed.
  4. Do not drive or park on any sidewalk, service- and emergency- vehicle lanes, grassy areas or any other areas not designated for vehicle driving or parking.

Violation appeal forms are available at the Merrimack College Police Department or at

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Parking Exemptions

Off-Campus Academic Programming

Students enrolled in credit-bearing internships, co-op jobs, practicums or other experiential-education placements are eligible to purchase an on-campus resident parking decal on a semester basis. To obtain a decal, students must provide the Office of Parking and Transportation with a letter of support from their academic dean or the O’Brien Center for Career Development. The cost is the same as for resident students, pro-rated by semester, and will be added to the student’s bill.

Students with Disabilities

Students with permanent or temporary disabilities may apply for parking through the Office of Accessibility Services. Please contact Jodi Rachins.

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Registered Guest Parking

Students must register overnight guests’ vehicles prior to their arrival on campus through the Office of Residence Life website. Only resident students may register overnight guests for campus parking. Guests may park only in lots marked “Visitor.” See parking map for details.

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Alternate Transportation

Please see the transportation website for the Merrimack Shuttle, ZipCar and Uber resources for students. The 2017-18 shuttle schedule will be posted by Sept. 1, 2017.

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Email Communications

Merrimack email is the college’s official means of communication. All members of the college community are responsible for reading materials sent via electronic mail. Unawareness of officially sent email will not be accepted as a reason for failure to comply with information sent through the Merrimack email system.

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Vehicle Registration Application

Questions About Parking?

Please direct your questions about campus parking to