Sharing Common Goals

The Office of Residence Life, in collaboration with a variety of academic and administrative departments, offers five living-learning communities (LLCs) for first-year students, and two LLCs for upperclassmen.

LLCs are intentional living arrangements in which residents share common goals, engage in a common academic program and participate in experiential learning. 

Austin Scholars

Austin Scholars celebrate Merrimack’s Augustinian roots by serving those in need in the surrounding communities of Lawrence and Lowell. Through service to others; study and learning; and living together in a community, Austin Scholars explore their own personal values and ideals that comprise their personal spirituality. Events throughout the year are designed to help with this process of deepening self-awareness and awareness of the purpose, meaning and value one’s life. Austin Scholars is available to all majors. The Austin Scholars living-learning community is open to first-year, sophomore and junior residential students.


Sr. Jeanne Gribaudo,
Director of Austin Scholars Program

Global Leadership in Action

The Merrimack Global Leadership in Action living-learning community is a program for students in the School of Education and Social Policy (education, criminology and human development majors and minors). Participants learn about critical global problems and engage in service projects to address these issues in our community. Residents in this living-learning community will develop their leadership skills through common coursework, group activities and trips, service projects and experiential learning.

Russell Olwell,
Associate Dean of Education

Honors Program

The honors program offers two living-learning communities — one for first-year students and one for upperclassmen. These communities were established so that honors students can immediately become part of a community of learners and leaders. Inspired by St. Augustine, the honors program believes that students learn best in the company of friends and can become leaders while engaged in all of the social and co-curricular opportunities that arise while living together with a common purpose.


Ellen McWhorter,
Director of the Honors ​​Program


The Innovation Through Engineering and Computing living-learning community is designed to help first-year students thrive in engineering and computer science majors. Students are part of an academically and socially supportive environment, living among peers who are engineering and computer science majors, have access to tutoring and review sessions, and participate in professional-development sessions and many engaging social activities. All first-year engineering and computer science students are included in iTEC unless they request otherwise.


Maureen Sakakeeny,
Director of Science & Engineering Programs

Warriors at Work

Warriors at Work is for students in accounting, civil engineering, communications, and criminal justice and criminology majors. This LLC provides participants with experiential-learning opportunities that prepare them for their professional lives after college. Warriors at Work students are guaranteed a co-op or internship experience upon successful completion of Warriors at Work program requirements.

Andrea Finn
Program Manager, Warriors at Work

W.I.L.L. House

The Wellness Integrated Living and Learning community approaches wellness from a holistic perspective. Students living in the W.I.L.L. House have similar interests in maintaining or starting a healthy lifestyle — physically, mentally and/or spiritually. The W.I.L.L. House community is open to sophomore, junior and senior residential students.​

Erin Kaminski,
Wellness Educator

Women in STEM

The Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) living-learning community is designed for first-year female students to connect, explore and share their interest and enthusiasm for science and technology. By building a community of peers, students support each other academically and socially. Open to women in all science, math and engineering majors, including all health sciences and STEM education, this LLC has a community-service component, career exploration and guest speakers from STEM fields.


Maureen Sakakeeny,
Director of Science & Engineering Programs