In order to limit the spread of COVID-19, it is necessary to limit contact between people, particularly in residence halls. Therefore, the following protocols will be in place and strictly enforced:

  • No overnight guests are permitted in residence halls.
  • Guests are limited to only immediate family members / guardians and must remain outside.
  • Guests are not permitted inside any buildings.
  • Guest registration must be completed for family members / guardians to come to campus 24 hours in advance through our current guest registration online form. No on-site registration will be allowed.
  • If guests from the same residence hall but of a different room or floor would like to visit an individual in their room, the consent of the individual’s roommate must be given. This will be strongly encouraged and enforced by Resident Advisors.
  • Guests will also have to follow Campus Policies and Procedures, complete the COVID-19 Return to Campus Checklist, and sign an a waiver of liability and assumption of risk upon entering campus.
  • Non-residential students will not be permitted in residence halls. This includes but is not limited to commuter students, and graduate students.
  • Residential students are permitted only in their assigned buildings. Residential students may not visit their friends inside other residences.
  • There are no outside guests allowed on the campus during the hours of 10 p.m. - 5 a.m. unless approved by the Office of the Executive Vice President.  

Register Your Guest

All guests must be registered online before they arrive. Guests need to have the guest pass with them at all times, either on a smartphone or printed out.

Register your guest