Helpful Resources

Looking for additional academic resources? Check out the links below.


Search millions of study sets or create your own. Improve your grades by studying with flashcards, games and more.

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Khan Academy

Utilize Khan Academy to teach, review, and solve math problems and test your skills with their extensive list of helpful videos and tutorials! Watch this short video clip to help you discover all of the wonderful aids Khan Academy has to offer, and how to get started!

Subject-Specific Resources

Citation and Formatting Guides 

Finals Week Success

Study Skills and Time Management Resources

Helpful Apps and Websites

  • Notability (iTunes) (Mac)

  • LectureNotes (Android)

  • Evernote (Android) (iTunes)

  • SelfControl For your computer to block websites while you study/are in class to help you focus!

  • Google Suite (Slides, Sheets, Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar)

  • Any.Do Helps organize your to-do lists and prioritize what needs to be done

  • My Study Life Free application for all your devices, including your laptop to help you organize your lectures, exams, to do lists, schedule, and more

  • Flashcards+ Free flashcard application for Android and iPhone models that allows you to create  your own flashcards or browse other student’s to help you study for that big exam

  • iHomework Free application for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch  that allows you to input your assignment, course syllabus and professor contact information, as well as break down larger assignments to figure out when you should be starting those bigger assignments 

  • Trello Great for a more organized approach to studying and collaborating with your peers! Cut down on the meetings for group projects and manage tasks with this great app. Organize the entire project from the beginning stages all the way to the final product.

  • Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) Do you have trouble waking up? This app requires you to complete a certain task in order for the alarm to shut off. (Android) (iTunes)