Role of Faculty

As someone who interacts frequently with students, you have a big impact on a student’s college experience.

We are so appreciative of the time and effort you put into creating a positive learning environment for all students. We are here to partner with you in the learning process. We want to work alongside you in creating equitable opportunities for all students with disabilities to engage in higher education.

As we consider this a partnership, we are available for feedback and conversations at any time. Our collective goal of supporting students includes making sure you feel supported. Additionally, we are available for consultation for specific student concerns as well as for general universal design for your classroom.

Syllabus Statement

Academic Accommodations from the Accessibility Services Office

Merrimack College provides reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Students who have, or think they may have, a disability are invited to contact the Accessibility Services Office via the online request form found on on the Accessibility Services website, email at or by visiting us on the third floor of McQuade Library.

Students are encouraged to contact the office as soon as possible to ensure adequate time to meet and create a plan. Accommodations can not be made retroactively. 

Testing Center Information

Testing accommodations may be arranged by you in your classroom or office if you are able. Otherwise, we will arrange for exams to be taken in the Accessibility Services Office testing center.

Students should arrange directly with their faculty member for accommodations for quizzes, or any assessment less than 30 minutes (before/after class, at a prearranged space or at an alternate time).

Students taking exams in the testing center must request testing appointments via the online form at least one week prior to the test date. We will then email the professor to confirm the test information, materials allowed (if any) and plan for transaction of the exam. Upon receipt, please complete this form and specify any and all materials allowed, and the manner in which the exam will be delivered to our office.

We will assign the student a time, day and testing location and communicate back to both student and instructor with a Google calendar invite. You do not need to accept this invitation; it is simply for your information.

All testing at the Testing Center, including finals examinations, must be started and completed between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Should the class exam time exceed these hours, we will assign a different test time for the student as close to the actual exam time as possible, and will communicate that to you. This might mean that the student is taking an exam at a different time or, on a rare occasion, different day as the rest of the class (as is the case for night classes, for example). We have a confidentiality sheet that every student is required to sign to ensure academic honesty. We will be in contact with you if this happens to be the case.

After you complete the form, please submit your assessment by email to or deliver the exam in person before the specified start time of the student’s exam (please note this may be different than the scheduled class exam time). Upon the student’s completion of the exam, we will return the exam based on the method you notated in the faculty response form, but we are not able to deliver exams to faculty departments.

Typical Academic Accommodations

Extended Time*

Extended time applies to quizzes, exams and all time-constrained academic competitions, such as in-class writing for a grade or a take-home exam limited to a few days. It does not apply to papers or assignments, as students should be notified well in advance of a long-term assignment and its due date. Student requests for  extensions, typically an additional day or two, are granted at the discretion of the instructor. Please keep in mind that many students feel their learning is undermined if they fall behind in their work.

Reduced Distraction Test Location*

Reduced distraction location does not require that a student test alone. It simply requires that common distractions in the test location be reduced, often by having fewer students and distractions in the testing room.

Use of an Exam Laptop*

This accommodation requires a student to reserve an exam laptop through the accessibility services office at least one week in advance of a test, which typically takes place in our testing center. We ensure that the laptop is fully charged, the exam is loaded and the internet connection and calculator function are disabled.

Use of a Calculator*

This accommodation allows for use of a simple calculator if such use does not fundamentally alter the nature of the course or test. Instructors must specify whether use of a graphing calculator is permitted.

Notetaking Assistance

When a student is absent from class due to illness or surgery, instructors are encouraged to share their notes and/or help identify another student in class who is willing to share her notes. Posting instructor or classmate-shared notes are common strategies for strengthening student engagement.

Electronic Notetaking

Students use a laptop or other device to take notes during a particular class.

Audio Recordings

Students agree to not share, publish or quote recorded material without the consent of the instructor and to turn off the recorder when requested to do so by the instructor.

Electronic Textbooks

The accessibility services office will help students to acquire books in electronic format for independent study.

* Testing Accommodations