10 reasons to Become a Writing Consultant

  1. You recognize that we live in an information economy, and the better you read and write (and do math, for that matter), the easier it will be for you to develop a strong career path (1).
  2. Employers want to know that not only can you write, but also you can help others write through constructive criticism and feedback (2).
  3. Free food!
  4. It looks great on a resume (seriously) (3).
  5. You appreciate a professional writing approach to training and development (meaning that regardless of your major, you know that one aspect of your work will be as a professional writer, familiar with writing in different disciplines and genres and able to handle a variety of writing situations) (4).
  6. You get to meet a lot of different people.
  7. You get to help people grow and discover more about their own skills and abilities, and in the process, you grow and discover more about your own (5).
  8. You gain opportunities to present (IWCA, NEWCA, NCPTW, CCCC, NCTE)…
  9. …and publish (TPR, WLN, Southern Discourse, The Dangling Modifier).
  10. Literacy is cool.

What does it take to be a good Writing Consultant?

  • Strong writing and reading skills (an A or B in Introduction to College Writing will do)
  • A desire to grow your reading and writing skills as a professional writer (adept at handling diverse writing situations in most disciplines at a moment’s notice)
  • Strong communication skills, including active listening and paraphrasing skills
  • An aptitude for lifelong learning (that is, you constantly look for things to learn)
  • A desire to help others
  • A strong work ethic
  • A desire to develop your own critical and creative thinking skills
  • Flexibility and availability to work 6-8 hours/week and attend team meetings

Required attendance in a one semester, 2 credit training course (WRT 4850), coupled with additional professional development and team meetings, will help prepare you for this experience.

How to Apply

Applications will be forthcoming and linked here. In addition to the 1) application, 2) cover letter and 3) resume, a 4) research paper writing sample and 5) letter of recommendation (e-mail will do) are also required. The letter of recommendation should be from a Merrimack College faculty member, and should attest to your writing, critical thinking, and collaborative skills. 


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5. Lindsey Moses, “What I learned from being a tutor,” Odyssey (2015), https://www.theodysseyonline.com/what-learned-from-being-tutor 

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