Hire a Fellow

The Writing Fellows Program enables faculty members to incorporate a trained writing fellow into their writing or writing-intensive course.


  • You will have direct input and guidance on how writing support occurs for your students.
  • Scheduled one-to-one interactions between the fellow and your student are expected in the course, thus allowing you to shape interactions and expect stronger texts from growing writers.
  • Opportunities for feedback and evaluation allow for the fellow to grow with your students, and grow into your teaching style, so you may keep working with the fellow for as long as they are employed by the Writing Center.

If you are interested:

Program Evaluation Tools

Evaluations completed by the professor:

Evaluations completed by fellow:

Program Presentations

These presentations were created by writing fellows and used in class according to the expectations set forth in the above guidelines.

  • Audience (by Ashley Morin, Writing Fellow, Fall 2017)
  • MLA Quote Integration (by Marisa Thompson and Isabela Moreno, Writing Fellows, Fall 2017)
  • Commas (by Danielle Morin, Writing Fellow, Fall 2017)