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The Academic Success Center



Student Testimonials

“I have found the undergraduate tutors, graduate fellow, and directors of the writing center to be engaging, knowledgeable, and helpful.  This is a wonderful resource for students and community members.  It is a place where minority students, international students, graduate students, and other types of students feel they can go to learn and have an open dialogue about writing.  It is wonderful that so many of the undergraduate tutors speak multiple languages because this provides an opportunity for ELL students to learn.  Thank you for a wonderful writing center.”

“The writing center has top notch tutors and directors that are interested in creating a positive learning environment that cater to the diverse needs of different students with the written word.  I always feel like I walk out not only with clarification on my questions about my writing, but like I have learned skills that will enable me to sustain and work on my skills as a writer.  Everyone in the writing center genuinely cares about the well being of the writers that come to the writing center.”

Staff Testimonials

“The writing center was by far the highlight of my Merrimack experience. I worked in the center for three years, and it truly transformed my world. As a tutor, I learned about the various learning styles of students, as well as different techniques to help both myself and them. Aside from tutoring and learning, the writing center helped me further develop my interpersonal communication skills, and my confidence. The staff are the most kind and helping people and have become some of my best friends. The directors of the writing center have become two mentors who I look up to. Prior to working here, I was afraid that I didn’t have the capabilities to successfully communicate, let alone be a tutor. However, that has changed because both the staff and directors have such faith and trust in each person that walks through the doors. Thanks to the writing center I feel like I have the tools to succeed in so much more than writing papers.”