Merrimack Clubs and Organizations

Accounting Club

Provides students with opportunities to meet other individuals studying or working in the field of accounting and develop relationships with accounting faculty, alumni and fellow students. Members of the club learn about the recruiting process, interviewing skills and career opportunities in the accounting and professional-services industry.

Faculty Adviser: Fang Zhao
More Information: Lamech Muma, President

Merrimack Financial Group

Works to bridge the gap between student and professional, supporting group members while they develop their foundation for a career in the financial industry.

Faculty Adviser: Mary Papazian
More Information: Nathan Wawrowski, President

Girard School of Business Investment Fund

Aims to further the knowledge of individuals interested in investment methods and theories beyond the classroom. Through the use of various outside sources and stock simulation programs, members are introduced to advanced investment ideas, tactics and topics that are consistent in a business environment. Open to all students in the Girard School of Business who have an interest in furthering their knowledge of finance.

Information on the C.P.A. Exam

Professional Organizations