Master of Science in Management

Learning Goals & Objectives

Learning Goals & Objectives

Business Proficiency:

  • Business Literacy – The ability to comprehend and communicate key business terms
  • Cross-Functional Interconnectivity – The ability to understand and apply how decisions in one functional area of a business may impact the performance in other functional areas
  • Global Interconnectivity – The ability to understand the interconnectivity between business decisions and the global economy

Professional Skills:

  • Communication, oral and written – The ability to articulate and deliver a business proposal, recommendation, or analysis for a particular purpose in both a written document and in a presentation format
  • Leadership – The ability to engage in the process of influencing others and facilitating their individual and collective efforts to accomplish shared objectives
  • Teamwork – The ability to collaborate effectively with other team members to enhance the quality of the interaction, interdependencies, cooperation, and coordination of teams

Knowledge Application:

  • Problem Definition – The ability to identify a key problem in a business context
  • Analyses – The ability to interpret and synthesize information and to draw reasoned conclusions
  • Decision-Making – The ability to make choices among one or more alternatives with the intention of moving toward some desired state of affairs