Notable & Quotable

  • Rodrigo Bandeira de Mello, associate professor of strategy in the Girard School of Business, was interviewed in Folha De S. Paulo, the largest national newspaper in Brazil. Professor Bandiera de Mello’s interview was about the engagement of businesspeople in politics.

  • An article in Credit Donkey on April 27, 2020, features associate professor of marketing, Joseph Stasio, as an expert source on people’s shopping habits. Stasio, who studies entrepreneurship, discussed how people behave when looking at products in-person and online.

  • In August, assistant professor of strategy Rodrigo Bandeira de Mello’s book chapter, “Corporate Political Strategies,” was published in Oxford University Press.

  • Joseph R. Stasio, an associate professor in the Girard School of Business’ Marketing Department, was recently featured on offering expertise knowledge on the use of credit cards, and especially Chase Freedom Credit Card. posed three questions centered on interest rates, cash back options and advertising.

  • An article in Credit Donkey on April 27, 2020, features associate professor of marketing, Joseph Stasio, as an expert source on people’s shopping habits. Stasio, who studies entrepreneurship, discussed how people behave when looking at products in-person and online.

  • Three Merrimack professors were recently quoted in WalletHub on a variety of topics. Associate professor of marketing Joseph R. Stasio recently commented on how to choose the best credit cards on the market.  Assistant professor of human development Laura Hsu recently answered questions about states with the best and worst school systems. Assistant professor of finance Fan Chen was featured in the “Ask the Experts” section about low interest credit cards

  • Omer Unsal, assistant professor of finance, was quoted in a Dec. 14, 2017, story in Pacific Standard, an online magazine that works toward changes to private behavior and public policy. The story examined how companies with high incidents of employment lawsuits spend significantly more money on lobbyists than those that don’t, resulting in better court case outcomes. “Lobbying firms do not suffer from reduced value, while nonlobbying firms suffer from litigation and major problems,” Unsal said.

  • Paul Antonellis Jr., lecturer in management and director of the human resource management programs, and Rachel Silsbee, assistant director of student success at the Writing Center, published a paper, “Employment Interview Screening: Is the Ink Worth It?” in the February 2017 issue of the Global Journal of Human Resource Management. The paper looked at how tattoos are viewed by interviewers and the impact tattoos have on the interview process. Antonellis published a second article, “Practical Steps for the Utilization of Action Research in Your Organization: A Qualitative Approach for Nonacademic Research,” in the May 2017 issue of the International Journal of Human Resource Studies. The article detailed the process nonacademic researchers can use to investigate topics they wish to change within an organization.

  • Ana Silva, associate professor of finance and chair of the accounting and finance department, was quoted in a “Ask the Experts” column about secured credit cards. Asked how the issuer of a secured credit card with no annual fee makes money, Silva responded, “Issuers charge high APRs on the unpaid balances each month. Late fees are also charged when a customer misses a payment. Some issuers charge a fee for setting-up an account. Issuers also charge the interchange fee on every credit card transaction. In addition, some banks cross-sell other products such as insurances.”

  • Five faculty members were awarded tenure in January by President Christopher E. Hopey. They are: Jimmy Franco, assistant professor of chemistry; Brittnie Aiello, assistant professor of criminology; Sally Shockro, assistant professor of history; Susan Marine, associate professor and program director in the higher education master’s program; and Sirkwoo Jin, assistant professor of management.


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